The Official Website of The Lynn Chadwick Estate

The Estate of Lynn Chadwick is managed by his family under the name of Lypiatt Studio. This is the official site of The Estate of Lynn Chadwick, sculptor, 1914 - 2003. Please Contact us for requests to reproduce images of Lynn Chadwick works and for the authentication of works on paper and sculptures.

Eva Chadwick: or Sarah Marchant:

'The characteristics of Chadwick's sculpture, form, stance, line and attitude, are arrived at through his method of work. Like the first pencil strokes of a drawing on blank paper, the main strusts are welded together forming nodes at their intersection. Part structure, part delineation of shape and texture, these rods thrust in and out of planes weaving a skeleton which will describe the form. His armatures are exoskeletons: "they're like crabs", he says, "they've got their bones on the outside." With the whole sculpture formed in his mind's eye, he fills in the drame with a skin-like textured surface of a compound called 'stolit', a micture of iron fillings and plaster.'

Extract taken from introduction by Rungwe Kingdon, 'Coming from the Dark' exhibition catalogue, 2003.